Mexico City Things To Do

In Mexico City you'll never be at a loss of what to do. With a population of over eight million, this is a city that keeps very busy.

Mexico City is very big on sports and is home to some of the greatest teams and athletes in the country. With that in mind it comes as little surprise that it is the perfect place to catch live sports events. You can watch globally popular sports such as football, but also very culturally specific events like the luchadore fighting.As well as sports Mexico City also offers an array of entertainment for children, for instance its theme parks which will keep the little ones happy all day long.


Live the unique experience of flying in a balloon. Venture into the oldest form of flight. Meet the Teotihuacan Valley from the heights in an unforgettable way....

Museo Dolores Olmedo

Situated in the southern extreme of Mexico City in Xochimilco, Museo Dolores Olmedo comprises of the donated art collection of Dolores Olmedo. Houses in a stone structure, the museum dates back to the...